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Custom EVSE Software Development

There are as many ways to pay for an EV charge as EV charging station suppliers. Here at Codibly, we are committed to helping you meet your consumers’ expectations to pay fast and easy for their EV charging - no matter where they are.

Customers want consistency and transparency when it comes to EV charging payment and we have an answer to that: ISO 15118. With this EV charging pricing model your consumers won’t have to worry about EV charging payment or EV charging billing anymore. 

At Codibly, we’re problem solvers! We offer a wide range of microservices that will be game-changers for your business, the ready-to-be-implemented OCPP server being just one of them.  

Get in touch with us to discuss the solution in detail but in the meantime, check out our free ebook on How to effectively handle billing & payments for EV stations. 

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For nearly a decade, Codibly has been providing expertise, talent, and a forward-thinking approach to tailor-made software for companies in the EVSE, energy and utilities, finance, and healthcare industries. We build cutting-edge technology for top-tier companies at all stages of the development cycle - from MVP to complete product development. 




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